Friday, December 31, 2010

Meta LP Contents

I checked the tracking and realized my Meta LP was going to be delivered today!  It was sent out on the 27th and got here the 31st, so that didn't take long at all.

It came wrapped in a pink package!  Very cute.

And here's a quick shot of all the contents.  While I was hoping for a solid dress, the floral is actually quite pretty. 

Initial reaction: Whoa busy print!

It has ruffles down the bodice and the skirt.  Overall it's a better quality than I expected.  The fabric is a nice weight, the straps are adjustable, it's fully lined, waist ties are removable.  They didn't seem to cut any corners where they easily could have.

Built in petticoat!  This was a nice surprise, none of my AatP or IW dresses have this.

Extra buttons!  The straps and waist ties each have two buttons, so the extras are nice.

Sheer black blouse.  I was glad to get this instead of a plain white one, which I planned on selling.  This fits me perfectly, unlike the blouse from summer.  The only complaint is the buttons are a bit difficult.  It comes with two extra buttons as well.

The matching barrette!  I'm glad it's a barrette instead of a haircomb, these stay in much easier.

The necklace.  It's pretty, although doesn't really match most of what I own.  I think I'll probably keep it though.

Matching bloomers, I was excited to get bloomers in the same fabric as the jsk.  These are quite comfortable.

And the bling bag... in pink :(  The only thing I plan on trading/selling, even though it's what I initially purchased the pack for.  It's the exact shade of pink as the summer bling bag, so I have no need for both.  The leopard print lining is really cool, though.

Minor Disappointments:
-No socks.  I was really hoping for a pair.
-Pink bag.  I have the pink one from the summer, so I'm going to have to attempt to trade this for a black one.

Final verdict: Definitely worth the price

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lucky Packs!

While the rest of the country has been suffering terrible weather and large amounts of snow, Missouri's winter has remained... uneventful.  A few days of frost, light flurries briefly, and beyond that?  Nothing.  It's 7 am here and the temperature gauge reads 57F.  I'm baffled by this, honestly.  It's nothing like the ice storms and unending snow that I remember.  It's nice, but I'm afraid the weather is going to backlash come my birthday in less than two weeks.

The holidays have been distracting with family, but that's finally over.  This time of year is my favourite for a completely different reason, however.  Lucky packs and winter sales!  Most lolitas are familiar with the concept of lucky packs and it's always a great chance to get great deals to fill out your wardrobe.  With more brands accessible overseas now as well, all the lucky packs have been painfully tempting. 

What I have on the way:

Contents?  Complete mystery!  This was the most expensive of the packs that I bought and also the one I'm most excited and nervous about.  I've been "researching" the contents of similarly sized lucky packs and the contents look rather promising.  Usually it's a good variety of everything.  In the past people have gotten 2-4 dresses, 1-2 skirts, a purse, at least one pair of socks, a couple tops, and other accessories.  But you never really know, which is the exciting part.  I've seen somebody get a rolling suitcase in theirs one year, and during the summer people got yukatas too.  Apparently there have been shoes included in the past as well.

These don't ship out until early January so maybe it'll be here in time for my birthday!

Right now this is "inbound into customs" so hopefully I get it by tomorrow!

This one came with two colour options: light ("off white, white, pink, and so on") and dark ("black, brown, gray and so on") and I selected the dark in order to avoid pink.   I'd be happy with any of the dark possibilities, but part of me is hoping for grey. 

The contents of these LPs are a bit more straightforward.  Although the exact colours and styles are unknown, the types of items you end up with is revealed before purchase.  This will include a jsk, a long sleeved blouse, ribbon barrette, bloomers, and accessories (socks+jewelry).

They're also including a special original bag, as they did during the summer round of lucky packs. 

Hopefully I get the black version, since I got a pink one during the summer.  These bags are awesome, though.  They're the perfect size for an airplane carryon and fits under the seats perfectly.  I also imagine they'd make great beach bags but I don't live anywhere near a beach.

During the summer I bought two of Meta's luckypacks, a dress one and a skirt one.  The contents were surprisingly nice although I didn't keep much.  Meta's sizing runs a bit larger on me than I'd like, so I'm not too hopeful about the blouse fitting.

Lastly, a friend and I both ordered a shoe pack from the "Winter Special Sale"!  They were on sale through the website December 21-24, but I think they sold out before then.  They also had a pack of two purses and a small accessory pack with a hairbow, a pair of socks, and a ring.

This pack comes with two pairs of shoes and you only get to pick the size.  I went with M because the L size heart buckles I wore for the PMX fashion show were a bit large on me.  I think I'm between M and L so hopefully these aren't too small.

I'm really hoping that the two styles of shoes pictured are the ones I get.  I've had my eye on the Odette Toe Shoes for a long time.  I'd be happy with black, pink, or white, although red wouldn't match anything I own.

These don't ship out until early January so I'll have to remain patient.

Once things start arriving, I'll take pictures of what I get for those curious.

Also, Angelic Pretty's USA online store is going to be releasing 4 LPs right at the new year (PST)

I'm considering trying to order this salopette set.  It's very summery.  It comes in black, pink, and purple, and unfortunately you don't get to choose.  I love the purple heart purse.

The premium set looks like an awesome deal for everything included, but I'm not interested in pink and I've spent enough already.  Still, that coat is very cute.