Friday, December 31, 2010

Meta LP Contents

I checked the tracking and realized my Meta LP was going to be delivered today!  It was sent out on the 27th and got here the 31st, so that didn't take long at all.

It came wrapped in a pink package!  Very cute.

And here's a quick shot of all the contents.  While I was hoping for a solid dress, the floral is actually quite pretty. 

Initial reaction: Whoa busy print!

It has ruffles down the bodice and the skirt.  Overall it's a better quality than I expected.  The fabric is a nice weight, the straps are adjustable, it's fully lined, waist ties are removable.  They didn't seem to cut any corners where they easily could have.

Built in petticoat!  This was a nice surprise, none of my AatP or IW dresses have this.

Extra buttons!  The straps and waist ties each have two buttons, so the extras are nice.

Sheer black blouse.  I was glad to get this instead of a plain white one, which I planned on selling.  This fits me perfectly, unlike the blouse from summer.  The only complaint is the buttons are a bit difficult.  It comes with two extra buttons as well.

The matching barrette!  I'm glad it's a barrette instead of a haircomb, these stay in much easier.

The necklace.  It's pretty, although doesn't really match most of what I own.  I think I'll probably keep it though.

Matching bloomers, I was excited to get bloomers in the same fabric as the jsk.  These are quite comfortable.

And the bling bag... in pink :(  The only thing I plan on trading/selling, even though it's what I initially purchased the pack for.  It's the exact shade of pink as the summer bling bag, so I have no need for both.  The leopard print lining is really cool, though.

Minor Disappointments:
-No socks.  I was really hoping for a pair.
-Pink bag.  I have the pink one from the summer, so I'm going to have to attempt to trade this for a black one.

Final verdict: Definitely worth the price


  1. Haha we got the exact same stuff in our packs! Only you have a pink and white necklace and mine is red hearts!

  2. I think although our jsks have the same prints, they're different styles. Looks like everyone else so far has gotten solids.

  3. It's pretty cute :D And I'm sure the bling bag will sell well on the comm, heh

  4. I think the print is pretty cute! Not to mention the matching bloomers are awesome. You should be able to sell the bling bag without much problems. Good luck though!

  5. Valerbees, you won my follower giveaway contest, check it out and congratulations!

  6. I think this post would be even cooler if you were wearing the stuff you got xD