Tuesday, November 23, 2010

After PMX

Sunday night we got picked up by one of Sheila's friends who drove us around for some fun outside of the con hotel.  First we decided that we were all starving and needed something to eat.

We decided on a cute restaurant called Genki Living.  It was my first time having Japanese crepes, and they were very different than I thought.  Very good, too!  Their crepe shell is crispy and slightly sweet, and it's folded into a flat triangular cone.

Lauren had a strawberry and kiwi with vanilla icecream.

Mine was tuna salad with corn and lettuce.  I also had a jasmine green milk tea with tinytiny tapioca pearls.

Adorable taiyaki!  The one I tried had peanut butter in the middle.  I'm going to have to find a place around here in KC that sells these, because I'm already craving another.

Okonomiyaki!!!!  It smelled delicious but I was afraid to try it in case my dress got dirty, but I got a bite or two.

Afterward we went to seek dessert in the same shopping area and ended up at a cute Japanese patisserie.
 The desserts were all so cute, it was difficult to choose. 

What we ended up getting.  The chocolate one was raspberry flavored, very smooth and rich, with a raspberry filling.

 I was actually unaware of Lauren's creepering until after the photo was taken.  

Then we went upstairs to an arcade.  There were so many games I never even heard of, including a zombie typing game that Dani played.

Sheila played DDR while I watched in amazement.  I've never played before and was getting too tired to try that night. 

In fact, I spent the entire night watching as everyone else played games.

Lauren won her race like a pro!

We then went to get some purikura pictures!  It was my first time and it was a lot of fun.  I don't think there are any of these machines in KC :( 

After heading back, we were faced with the challenge of packing.  Though I managed to sell some stuff, we of course were leaving with a lot more than we brought with us.

The glorious bed of burando!  While I was taking a shower, the other girls laid out all our dresses to take a picture. 

By some miracle we got everything in suitcases.  Then it was time for bed!  It was a long day and sadly we had to leave in the morning.


  1. Japanese crepes are so delicious, I myself love the ones in SF. They even make cute animal faces on them! PMX looks so fun, hopefully one day I can go. And that bed of burando looks so luxurious. ^___^

  2. Man I'm so jealous, you all look so fabulous!
    I just love Japanese crepes, so yummy

  3. I love Genki Living, I really need to go back there! Which one did you go to?

  4. @KKJJ- Not sure the exact location, I'm not from the area... Sorry ^^

  5. Great things, i follow your blog...

  6. I dunno why but the loli playing the driving game is almost an image macro xD