Sunday, November 21, 2010

PMX Day 2

Saturday was a very busy day at the con.  I started the day wearing Masquerade Theatre, which has probably become my most worn dress for cons.  Right in the morning I met up with a girl who sold me her Queen's Coach OP reserve online and made a few more purchases at the Boutique.

Starbucks again for breakfast and then I finally had a chance to check out the AA and Exhibit Halls since the schedules on Friday conflicted.

We ended up waiting over 2 hours in line for a food truck.  I tried going the night before, but apparently they had ran out of food.

We all got burritos (mine was tofu!) and they were quite delicious.  Being from the Midwest, we were all sorts of fascinated by this food truck concept.  Maybe it's not so magical to other people but we're all easily impressed.

Afterward my friend Sheila's sister and brother-in-law showed up to the con to visit and because he was press (writes for Japanator) they got comped tickets.  We showed them around a bit and he took pictures, which you can see here.

As we were showing them the Fashion Boutique, one of the most exciting parts of the trip occurred.  One of the boutique staff members tapped Sheila on the shoulder and told her that the designers Miki Nohmoto and Mrs. Isobe wanted her to be a backup model for their fashion show the next day.  Sheila of course agreed to the opportunity and we were all extremely excited even though Sheila had doubts they'd need her and didn't want to get her hopes up.  We all thought it was a huge honour for her to be selected by the designers!

We went upstairs to get ready for the Fashion Festival that evening and I took that chance to change into my new dress.

Before the festival I ran into the Exhibit Hall and bought the latest released copy of BERSEEEERK. 

The Festival was $10 to get in and $1 per game ticket.  They had a bunch of booths line up with various carnival games where you could win prizes.  There was a bean bag toss which Sheila and I duked it out and synchronously scored the same every throw.  The ring toss prizes went fairly quickly and there was also a game where you could guess a number of jellybeans to win an AatP top and skirt set.  The main prizes however were in the raffles, one offering a set from IW and another set for AatP.  Deciding I was too unskilled for any of the games, I put all my tickets into the raffle and then wandered around to socialize and have fun.

Lauren taming a wild balloon!

Sheila and I resting our feet.  So much excitement for one day.

Our picture with Miki Nohmoto.  You can't really tell from the picture, but we're wearing matching dresses. 

Since it was going to be a few hours before they did the drawing at the end of the festival, we decided to leave the Festival for a bit.  We checked out the karaoke room but couldn't find a song we wanted to sing and left after listening to a few songs.

I met a Sailor Venus cosplayer in the elevator, so I had to get a picture taken with him!

Oh no!  Don't be fooled, we were the ones that attacked first.

Hungry again, we hit up another food truck (with no line this time) and got a few sliders which disappeared before I had a chance to snap a picture.  I then gave in and bought an overpriced vanilla vodka from the hotel bar.  I also may have had a bit of sake too. 

We went back for the drawing and they ended up raffling all the small leftover prizes as well.  I won a couples phone straps and a button set.  The IW prize was won by a husband for his wife (SO CUTE) and the main AatP prize went unclaimed and we were told that it'd be reraffled at the closing of the boutique on Sunday if nobody picked it up before then.

There was another dance that night, but once again we were too exhausted to attend, so we all went upstairs to pass out.

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