Monday, November 22, 2010

PMX Day 3

The last day of the con started quite early, as Sheila had to be downstairs in the lobby at 7am in case she was needed as a backup model.  Being a light sleeper, I was unable to get back to bed after she had left the room.  Wearing my red panda suit as I was too lazy to change, I gave into my thirst for morning tea and dragged Dani downstairs with me where we split the last granola bar I had brought along.  It was then that Sheila tracked me down to say that the designers were interested in me as well but I had to hurry upstairs to put on foundation and my wig.  Everything was entirely rushed and last minute since I had no chance to prepare, but Sheila and I still had doubts that they'd even need us.  When we joined the models, it was obvious right away that most of them weren't lolitas or even con goers at all.  They were all very pretty and wearing trendy clothing.

Feeling out of place, Sheila and I separated ourselves from the rest of the group and waited for further instructions.  A staff member then did a role call and then called us over to say we were both needed to fill in since a few models didn't show up.  Mrs. Isobe and Miki Nohmoto had us gather around to assign us the coordinate that we would be wearing for the show.  Sheila was picked for AatP while I was grouped as a Baby model.  Even at this point none of it seemed real.

The dress I was chosen to wear, found here.

The hair and makeup process started, which was a very new but cool experience.  I had to admit to the makeup artist that I didn't know how to apply false lashes and that the last time I tried I glued my eyelid open.  After that I had my wig styled by Miki into two cute curly fluffy buns.  Not only is she an amazing designer, she knows how to work magic with hair.

It took a few hours to get everyone ready, but it all came together.  It was fun watching the models transform from normal looking girls into lolitas and you could tell a lot of them enjoyed the process.  Their reactions ranged from confused (mostly over the petticoats and bloomers) to delighted, although some complained of the clothes being slightly uncomfortable.  They were even surprised when they found out that I actually wear lolita and that I came all the way from Missouri just for the designers.

After I was finished dressing, I went in to get my pictures taken by a photographer, which was a bit intimidating.  We were all brought together and given directions on what to do for the show and did a couple practice runs, but sooner than I expected it was time for everything to begin.  I was nervous that I was going to mess up, but I pushed all that aside.

Everything went better than expected!  I didn't fall off the stage, which was my primary worry.

It was a huge honour and nothing I ever would have expected to happen with so many other beautiful girls at the con and my complete lack of modeling/runway experience.  Having the chance to dress in a completely different style than I normally wear was fun and I think Sheila has discovered a new love for boystyle.  The best part was that we were paired together for the final walk and got our photos taken together by the photographer after the show.  I can't wait to get copies of these.

After the show I was quite sad to give all the glorious pink back, but I was especially attached to the Usakumya.  My motherly instincts must have kicked in.  People kept asking me if I was creeped out by the bag's red eyes, but honestly that makes me love it even more.

Dani and Lauren waiting for us outside.  They looked so cute with their black and pink dresses and red hair.

We quickly grabbed something to eat because Sheila and I were starving and then went upstairs to change into our own dresses for the day.

Trying to change... the wig posed quite a problem.  I ended up not wearing my IW outfit as I planned because the runway makeup was way too overpowering for it.

Instead I went for a coordinate consisting only of clothing I had bought from the con and a good mix of IW and AatP.

We went back into the Fashion Boutique after changing to see the deals for the last day.  Innocent World had a 30% off on everything and they were selling all the outfits from the fashion show for $500 each (including everything, even the petticoats and shoes) but unfortunately as tempting as it was, I had already spent enough money and the hotel ATM had a $200 limit.

Baby/Alice were also selling props from the fashion show and some of the dresses (including the one I wore).  I snagged the parasol another girl modeled since I went to the con intending to buy one.  It's a lovely pagoda shape with a gold BtSSB emblem.

I noticed the Usakumya that I had grown so attached to wasn't displayed and sensing my dismay, Sheila went to ask the American staff if it was for sale... at that point I was fearing it had already sold.  They told her it wasn't technically for sale because it had a slight amount of damage, but they might consider selling if somebody asked.  However, I had to wait for one of the designers to show up to get permission.  Once Miki arrived at the boutique I was able to ask, and she hurried off again to retrieve the bunnybear for me.

During this time they announced they were going to raffle off the unclaimed AatP prize outfit (the skirt and shirt above) until somebody won it.  I pulled out all my tickets and so did my friends.  It went on for a few drawings until I heard somebody announce that they won- my friend Lauren!  She won a pair of AatP tights the night before from the drawing, so for only putting 4 tickets in she was really lucky.

A few minutes later, Miki returned with the Usakumya and had it wave to me (my heart melted).  She pointed out a small amount of dust on the fur from shipping and asked me if it was okay.  I told her of course and asked how much, to which she offered me a nice discount.  While checking out, she told the translator that it was the bag I had modeled for the fashion show. 

She thanked us once again for modeling, gave us hugs and we wished her a safe trip home.  She looks amazing in Vampire Forest, I have a new appreciation for the print after seeing it in person. 

With Fujiwara... in which everyone wears black but me.  She was so elegant and poised! 
And with one of the adorable Innocent World shop girls!  She was very bubbly and helpful the entire time and even helped me choose between socks to match my op.  I think all four of us fell for her charm every time she asked us if we wanted to try something on and then buy it.

After there was nothing left to do at the con, one of Sheila's friends came to pick us up to show us a bit of the area.  I'll save that picture-heavy adventure for another post.


  1. Wow, you are gorgeous, miss! And those ensembles are wonderful, too!
    I'd be sad to give anything back that looked that cute, too, lol.
    A lot of ita makes me feel embarrassed for the lolitas that have to deal with their fashion sense being associated with them, but you are one of those well-dressed people that makes me wish I could afford the beautiful brand and who is an asset to the lolita style.

  2. Lucky girl :D You look stunning :)

  3. How delicious is this! No offense, I hope that doesn't creep you out..