Saturday, November 20, 2010

Closet Post

Full closet shot.  All my non-lolita clothing is to the right side of the closet and out of shot.
Blouses and cutsews with my parasols.

JSKs, OPs, and a jacket.
Left to right: Dear Celine Flocky Winter, AatP Queen's Coach, JetJ Rose et Fleur, IW Gertrude, Rose Melody Carousel, AatP St. Mephisto, IW Little Bird, AatP Beauty and the Rose Promise, AatP Midsummer Night, IW Dollhouse, AatP Masquerade Theatre, BtssB trench jacket
Skirts and petticoats, along with a stray Bodyline jsk
Sock and tights drawer.  Most are Secret Shop, but I have an IW pair and two Meta socks

Shoes and purses will be forthcoming, I have to get something hung up in my room for the purses and I have two new pairs of shoes coming in the mail!

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  1. You have some very very lovely prints in your collection <3